Is there a minimum pageviews threshold to join the Evolution publisher network?

Evolution was born with the goal to give all web publishers a voice. While we encourage everyone to be part of the network, our services require significant time investments on our side. To ensure the highest level of support, our minimum PV threshold is 3M a month.

Is it possible to implement third-party tracking codes (IAS, MOAT, DV, etc.)?

Yes, it is absolutely possible, within our format area you can find all the specs

Do you provide a dashboard to monitor revenues?

Sure, we provide a dashboard to monitor daily revenue, track and analyze historical revenue, upload invoices, and check payment due dates. From the same dashboard, you can open tickets that will go directly to the appropriate team.

Why may revenue fluctuation occur?

There may be different reasons, if the fluctuation occurred at the beginning of the quarter it is most likely related to seasonality. At certain times of the year, advertising revenues can rise or fall due to several factors, among them we find market trends and advertising spending strategies. Brands plan their advertising strategy by dividing the year into four quarters, with the first and third quarters being those in which revenues are lowest, and the second and fourth quarters being the most profitable for publishers.

Do web vitals affect Google search ranking?

Yes, Google confirmed that Core Web Vitals are a ranking factor. We offer support and technology to help publishers resolve web vitals issues

Is it possible to advertise on Content Revolution using third party data?

Yes, with increased CPM you can take advantage of third-party data so you can refine campaign targeting

On Content Revolution do you write the advertising content or do we have to provide it?

It depends, it can be safely delivered by the client but with a small increase in budget we can have one of our editorial staff write it

How can I be sure that the reading on Content Revolution has actually been completed?

By cross-referencing the required read time (n. characters) with the two moments when we track the user action (t0, t1) we are able to assure you that the read was actually performed