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2 August 2022  |  IlGiornale

The balance between the digital world and publishers

How will the digital market for audio and video change now that publishers who solely distribute content on online media, the so-called Over the top, dominate the debate and the market? Marco Lenoci, our COO with long experience at Google, talks about this in the article.

28 July 2022  |  Engage

Evolution Group announces a brand partnership with

Following the first half-year close of 2022, we not only reconfirmed our growth trend, but also announced the start of a new partnership in the Spanish territory to reconfirm our presence in the international market.

26 July 2022  |  Primaonline

Fair compensation: The reality that publishers must accept

At the center of the Agcom-mediated debate between publishers and Google is the issue of "fair compensation" related to the use of journalistic content on the search engine. News and insights made at great expense (because real journalism costs money) by editors who would not receive adequate compensation for this use.

21 July 2022  |  Dircomfidencial

Is it time to say goodbye to AMP pages?

The Internet world underwent a revolution in May 2021 with the latest change in Google's algorithm . The company announced that it would stop giving preferential treatment to AMP pages when displaying search results on our mobile devices. Is it time to say goodbye?

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20 July 2022  |  Engage

Evolution Group re-branding announced

For some time now we have been on a journey of planning, design and growth that has seen us at the center of profound change. With the half-year close of 2022, we have drawn our first conclusions; the opening of our new offices in Madrid, the redesign of our offices in Rome and Milan, and the rebranding encapsulate a larger goal than it seems.

2 July 2022  |  Marketingdirecto

Stridely, a new challenge in the Spanish market.

With the opening of our new offices in Madrid, our expansion into the international market officially begins. New challenges, new goals, and most importantly, new goals. The perspective of Sara Saffioti, general manager of Stridely, gives us a closer look at this new reality.

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2 June 2022  |  Dircomfidencial

Content Revolution, the format preferred by publishers

Let's find out about Content Revolution together through a real-life case. Increased traffic by 30%, decreased bounce rate by 33% and presence in Google Discover with search engine ranking optimization. These are just some of the data provided to us by the publisher after testing Content Revolution on page.

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28 April 2022  |  Dircomfidencial

Google applications, know them and distinguish them

Google News, Google Showcase and Google Discover are the most recognized Google applications in this area. Although a priori they may be perceived as providing the same service, it is important to point out the particularities and differences between them.

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14 February 2022  |  Engage

Evolution ADV first Italian property

We close 2021 as the first Italian property by total audience, second only to Google and Facebook, a fantastic goal that matches the half-year close that brings with it excellent results and many new goals already in the start-up phase. Lots of goals but most importantly measurable and real results!

9 December 2021  |  Engage

Adnkronos joins our group!

AdnKronos officially joins the Evolution Group family. In the last three years we have invested heavily in innovation and quality, coming to collaborate with the leading publishers in the Italian market. With AdnKronos, we will begin work on display space marketing and infinite scroll, which will allow content within the site to load, asynchronously and without page reloads.