Did you miss our workshop at IAB Forum 2021?


This year, like last year, Evolution ADV participated in IAB Forum, the most important event on digital now in its 18th year.

In our workshop entitled “Back to the Future: Content Revolution” the voices of Evolution ADV Marco Lenoci, General Manager, Michele Carbonara, chief sales officer and Paolo Caldara, Head of Programmatic, told the audience about the innovative nature of Content Revolution , starting with a brief account of the birth of advertising, from its beginnings to the present, they then presented our new and innovative technological tool that enables content to be delivered directly into editorial products. By skipping the exposure part of the creative and clicks to the landing page, Content Revolution is able to gain more exposure and engagement with overall lower costs than traditional advertising streams.

A new format, evolution of the infinite scroll, which after being tested and perfected in more than two years of development in view of SEO, User Experience and Brand Safety through the use of proprietary correlation algorithms, it is now a product capable of meet the needs of customers and publishers by being pleasant and useful to the users.This year we wanted to tell the case history of Essential Water with contributions from. Rossana Pinto, Brand Manager of the brand, we were able to best identify the main features of the product and all its potential, so as to achieve a strong and recognizable communication. As a result of our work, we were once again able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product and generate a certain and tangible result, reaching the target audience of interest through more direct engagement than a classic ADV format.