Evolution is officially a Google Certified Publishing Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Certified Partner (GCPP)?

Being certified as a Google Partner means that, after having been subjected to careful analysis and having passed the certification exams, one’s company has been recognised as a competent partner in the use of Google products, able to offer the market highly innovative technological solutions and products, and to pay particular attention and expertise to the growth and maximization of its publishers’ advertising campaigns.

But why work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

Working with a certified Google partner means relying on a company with proven capacity and technical experience that can offer you all-round support for all your needs, starting with monetisation, management and optimisation of advertising campaigns through to technological setup.

Working with us means not only putting yourself in the expert hands of a Google-certified partner, but above all, it means working with a partner whose main goal is your growth.

Over the past six years, we have worked non-stop to be able to guarantee our publishers a partner who could not only understand the difficulties and changes dictated by the market, but first and foremost, who could respond to these changes with solutions and technologies that were in touch with the specific objectives and needs of each website.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the digital publishing market, we have, over the years, developed more and more solutions to serve our customers. 

We supply web technology to more than 400 publishers within our network and take care not only of advertising sales but also of technical site management, ranging from the creation and management of proprietary CMSs and templates to the development of proprietary technology such as Content Revolution. 

Thanks to our agreements with leading trading desks and SSPs, we are also able to compete with all sources of advertising demand, creating new potential revenues for our publishers. 

For years, our goal has been to become the first modern European tech company and concessionaire in the online publishing and online advertising industry, supporting our customers with the best solutions and products to enable them to achieve their goals.

“Since 2017 to date, Evolution has distributed more than EUR 50 million to the publishers we represent on the market. We have always worked with a keen eye towards Google’s guidelines so that they could be translated into opportunities for our publishers. Our goal has always been to maintain the high quality of the offer, aiming at maximising revenues, while maintaining a strong focus on the technological aspect. The Google publishing partner badge is an important recognition for us, certifying the work we have been focusing on for some time now.”

Marco Lenoci – CEO of Evolution GROUP