The importance of Brand Safety


How and where to advertise, that’s why brand safety is one of the best ways to show seriousness and customer proximity.

Let’s start at the beginning, what is Brand Safety?

It is brand safety, a set of measures aimed at protecting the client’s reputation from the negative or harmful influence of questionable or inappropriate content during online advertising.

Source: Wikipedia

Brand Safety is that fine thread that connects brand and customer; it is one of the ways through which the company empowers the customer to identify with a brand that communicates well and in the right contexts.

Very often it can happen to a brand to mistakenly stumble upon the pairing of its identity with inappropriate or low-quality topics, risking losing a customer or receiving negative feedback.

According to a study conducted by the CMO Council-the only global network of executives dedicated specifically to knowledge exchange, thought leadership and relationship building between corporate marketing leaders and brand decision makers-and Dow Jones, 78 percent of Senior Marketers surveyed say that unintentional links to inappropriate content can actually damage brand reputation.

Although the marketing world is deeply convinced and aware of the existence of the problem, the reality is that 22 percent of the respondents in the same study said that they have within their careers real and specific cases of their brand being misplaced.

What would seem to be lacking then are barriers, a right strategy that allows companies to easily recognize risk where it exists, and a viable alternative to choose from.

What are the best options?

  1. Protection by keywords

If you have a business and you are at this point, you have already begun to understand how important Brand Safety is. At this level you have the option of using domain-level blocking, keywords, and targeting.

  1. Pre-bid protection

If you are at this level, you are moving on the right way. With this type of protection you are implementing prebid solutions that can block specific content by being able to recognize and block fraudulent or risky impressions.

  1. Brand Suitability

By juxtaposing Brand Safety with Brand Suitability, you are at a very good point. You then use unique profiles of your brand, information from market research, and strategic positioning to be able to identify specific environments in which to place your advertisements.

How to identify the right strategy?

By relying on dealerships like us, with Evolution Group you will always have a dedicated team that can meet all your needs.

Evolution Group is available to meet all your needs, the proposed inventory is not only broad, but above all qualitative, we acquire sites with not less than 3M monthly views, original content and exclusively, thus ensuring not only the certainty of delivery but also a premium position that confirms its quality.

By manually and carefully choosing the publisher on which you are going to place your campaign, you will always have the assurance that you can respect the company’s values and avoid running into juxtaposition choices that are risky for your image.

The strategy we have chosen reveals two sides of the same coin: on the one hand, we guarantee quality for the customer, and on the other hand, value for the publisher.

In conclusion, every Brand nowadays cannot help but choose and adopt a strategy to protect its reputation, especially in such a historical period as the current one, where humorous screenshots and “epic failures” are not slow to take hold and go viral.

Brand Safety places importance on who is proposing the content and who is viewing it.

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