Evolution ADV launches Content Revolution


Evolution ADV launches Content Revolution: a new standard for content distribution

The famous expression Content is King, Distribution is Queen, meaning “Content is king, but its distribution is queen,” indicates that having quality content, curated and designed to generate interest in users, is the indispensable basis for companies that want to communicate online. But that’s not enough: to be successful online, you also need a sound content distribution strategy.

Publishers who work daily on creating quality content and the best strategies so that this content reaches and is interesting to as many users as possible know this well. At the same time, advertisers also know the potential of branded content, which is an increasingly popular tool because it creates added value by conveying informative content associated with their brand.

Over the past few months, we have been thinking about what elements could make the relationship between the creation, distribution, enjoyment and monetization of online content more efficient, putting ourselves in the shoes of the various actors that populate it: publishers, advertisers and users.
At Evolution ADV, the focus on innovation is central to our daily work, and as a response we have developed a new product that can simultaneously marry different needs: Content Revolution.

Content Revolution is the new technology tool for distributing related and sponsored content within editorial products, born out of the development of a tool initially used in publishing, the infinite scroll. At Evolution ADV, we have tested and refined this tool over more than 2 years of development in SEO, User Experience and Brand Safety through the use of proprietary correlation algorithms.

By totally skipping the display part of the creative and clicks to the landing page the content (sponsored and unsponsored), achieves better reach and greater engagement with overall reduced costs compared to traditional advertising streams, also resulting in a more pleasant user experience.

Content Revolution: the benefits for different market players

A system is healthy when there is a win-win relationship between the different players involved. This is what Content Revolution is able to do for each one:

Publisher: With a simple tag we insert new articles, based on the publisher’s input and our correlation technology, after the first article, so as to retain a considerable portion of users on the editorial property, increase interest in new content, decrease bounce rate, and Increase site dwell times and pageviews. In particular, page views record systematically 2-digit growth rates with this solution, up to peaks of 90 percent.

Users: Users are offered new content of their interest to continue their experience on the website, all with the ease of scrolling.
Reading rates confirm that more than half of the users are interested in reading the proposed content subsequent to the first, of which they complete reading on average.

Agencies: Content Revolution makes it possible to integrate, into the flow of editorial content, advertorials with the same graphic style as the publisher publishing them, being able to select the target audience on the more than 100 sites that have already adopted Content Revolution for a potential pool of more than 20 million page views per day.
The content of the advertorial can include text, photos, links, videos, social embeds like any editorial content.

Clients: Content manages to reach the audience of interest, engaging them in a much more direct way than an ADV format.
The space available for argumentation and storytelling, even enriched by multimedia content, allows for the construction of communication plans more precise and effective, skipping at least one step of the sales funnel, in the case of commercial communications, or reaching large portions of target audiences and with guaranteed readership rates, in case of institutional communications or with brand awareness objectives.

Evolution ADV thus wants to confirm its distinctive nature as a dealership where each product is born and tested directly on proprietary publishing realities, so that it can be functional for the continuation of a healthy and sustainable evolutionary process of the entire digital adv ecosystem, guaranteeing the market products that are already tested, refined and safe, with certain and optimized metrics.

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